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Grain Outlook Broadcasts for CHS Producers- July 14th

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Join us Tuesday July 14th for two different grain market outlook broadcasts via Skype. In light of current social distancing protocols and the inability to hold in-person meetings, CHS wants to continue to bring up to date information to our producers in a safe and timely manner.

You can join this Market Outlook broadcast with your computer, tablet, or your phone. There will be slide decks, however you can simply choose to just listen in if that’s more convenient for you. You’ll be able to ask questions through a chat box during the broadcast or at the end of the presentations.

The first broadcast at 10:00 A.M. will focus on corn and soybeans. Chris Stringer and Justin Friesz, Senior Grain Merchandisers from CHS Global Grain Marketing will share their perspectives on the current markets, the USDA July crop production and supply/demand report, planted acreage, and more.

Our second broadcast at 12:00 P.M. will focus on wheat. Bruce Weber CHS Global Grain Marketing will share his insight and discuss all things related to wheat markets.

Please note that there is a login step for webinar participants.


Corn and Beans (10 a.m. Central) : Please click here to enter your name and location information shortly before the webinar starts.

Wheat (noon Central): Please click here to enter your name and location information shortly before the webinar starts.

The links will become active 15 minutes prior to the start. To allow time for the registration process, we ask that you plan to register at least five minutes before the webinars start. 

Corn and Beans link:

Wheat link:

Freeing phosphorus: New ways to add crop nutrient availability

An innovative option makes broadcast crop nutrient applications more available.

Farmers wouldn’t be satisfied with just 20 percent weed control from a herbicide application, but that’s typically the best nutrient availability they can expect from dry phosphate fertilizer applications.

“Under the best soil conditions, only one-fifth of applied phosphorus may be available to the crop throughout the season,” says Steve Carlsen, Levesol and crop enhancement manager, CHS Agronomy. “Availability is even less when soil pH levels are too high or too low or in soils that contain too little organic matter.”


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